“The absolute beauty doesn’t exist”
The objective of studio IDEES is to achieve beauty through the harmony of the spaces with love, passion, dedication, humor and with a focus on functionality inspired by the past and the future; it merges contemporaneity with a timeless style.
Its goal is to create environments that turn into emotional places, to which the people living them can relate.
Founded in 1993 by Antonella Strigari, studio IDEES has expanded to respond to increasing demands.

The team, composed of architects, interior designers, engineers, landscape architects and graphic designers, transforms spaces into residential, commercial and hotels structures. The studio dedicates great attention to every step of the process providing a finished product based on highly creative and executive aspects, working on defined schedules and costs.

Fair Simon Patrick Bosco

Bosco Fair was born in Belfast in 1962. He studied architecture at the universities of Liverpool and North London, and worked in the studios of Branson Coates Architecture and Mark Guard Associates before moving to Milan.

After teaching furniture design at the European Institute of Design he set up Studio Fair with his partner Piergiorgio Pignatelli in 2003. Bosco heads the design team at Studio Fair, where they design furniture and accessories for a number of clients, and offer a consultancy service for the layout and accessories of showrooms.  Together with Emanuele Genuizzi he set up Casa Casati in 2016.